Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep Len Fasano State Senator in the 34 Senatorial District

Reelect State Senator Len Fasano in the 34th Senatorial District which covers now Durham,  East Haven, North Haven and Wallingford.

As State Senator, Mr. Fasano has done an excellent job representing our community.  He is an advocate of lower taxes, less governmental interference in business and industry, and economic growth and prosperity for our state something sorely lacking with our current one party rule in Hartford.  His opponent an out-of-touch liberal Democrat who failed as a State Representative offers little if any plan than more and higher taxes and out-of-control state spending.  We as taxpayers deserve better.

From the Fasano for Senate website: Fasano has an extensive record of public service accomplishments in Hartford and in the 34th District. Joining his legislative Republican colleagues he has and will continue to propose ways to make state government more cost-effective and efficient. He has also maintained his commitment to small businesses in Connecticut by being an advocate for business-friendly policies.
 Senator Fasano is also the driving force behind Connecticut’s first public cord blood bank system. Around the country this cutting edge technology has allowed families and individuals to tap into rich nutrients provided by umbilical cord blood in their effort to fight disease.
 He has also championed efforts to reform Connecticut’s eminent domain laws, protect Long Island Sound from Broadwater’s attempt to construct a liquefied natural gas terminal and has helped to protect the neighborhood surrounding Tweed New Haven Airport by helping to broker an agreement between the Town of East Haven, the airport and state officials.

Let us keep Len Fasano as our State Senator for the 34th State Senatorial District.  Let us end once and for all one party rule in Hartford.

Monday, October 22, 2012

State Representative Greg Bachand For Wallingford's 85th District

Why does Wallingford continue to elect Mary Mushinsky for State Representative?  32 years of runaway spending and higher taxes.  Why do have to have this economic nightmare continue to serve in office?  Why must Connecticut be at the bottom of the economic spectrum due to career politicians like Ms. Mushinsky?
Connecticut is an economic nightmare due to career politicians like Mushinsky.  We can not sustain the excessive levels of taxes or spending that we have in our state.
Greg Bachand represents a breath of economic fresh air.  It is time for a change.
Vote for Greg Bachand
I enjoyed reading following from his website:

It’s Time For More
More Tax Cuts
Cuts in the Income Tax, Estate Tax, Sales Tax. Cuts in DMV fees, Court fees, Agency fees. You name it, cut it because the more we send to Hartford the more they will spend….and spend and spend.
More Bureaucracy Cuts
Ever see a big orange truck protecting another big orange truck which is protecting another big orange truck protecting a lawn mower?  It’s time for one big orange truck protecting one mower.  And that example extends to every nook and cranny of the State bureaucracy.
More Budget Cuts
Never have so few spent so much and accomplished so little.  Cut the budget and watch the State’s economy blossom.
We are strangling our small businesses with red tape and approval processes that make it impossible to thrive.  Let’s tell the regulators: “you can keep half of your regulations, which are the most important?”
Lower taxes, reduce the bureaucracy, cut regulations and get out of the way.  Boom, private jobs will explode.
The truth is, the bigger government gets, the less freedom we have.  Time for smaller government.
Vote for Greg Bachand

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chris Murphy Represents Chris Murphy Not Connecticut-Vote Linda

Gee Chris what is the difference with a union giving money to your campaign or a corporation?  The ultimate cost is paid for by either the union worker or by the consumer buying the product or service from the corporation.  Sort of like the donations you received from Webster Bank.  Sort of like when you forgot to pay your mortgage or your taxes.
Chris Murphy represents Chris Murphy not Connecticut and definitely not those people who actually work in our state.  Chris Murphy has never created one job in his long political career. To me I really can not see that he ever worked one day in his life at a productive job.  So how does he understand the over worked and over taxed middle class of Connecticut?  It is impossible.
Last night's debate once again highlighted how poor of a US Representative Murphy is with his unrealistic views of our economy and nonsensical approaches to programs and laws.  He has been a Democrat overseer of the last four year economic debacle his party has help to produce.  He offers nothing new but the same stale rhetoric and same stale ideas.  More taxes, more spending more for Chris Murphy.
The choice for Connecticut's Senator is clear-Linda McMahon, an individual who has the strength to lead and be a Senator for the taxpayers of Connecticut.  Vote Linda.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Ineptness of Democratic Candidates When Debating

I think most voters who watched last nights debates between McMahon and Murphy and Ryan and Biden saw the Democrats as who they really are.
I am lost after watching these debates as to why anyone would want to vote for either Chris Murphy for Connecticut Senator or the Obama and Biden team.  Especially realizing that Mr. Biden would become the President if anything happened to Mr. Obama.
I hear that Joe was Joe last night, if that is the case he is not fit to hold public office let alone be the Vice President.  However it is good to see that voters are starting to see what our current Administration is all about-political and economic ineptness, lies and spins on security issues, stimulus packages to Sesame Street, the list is endless.  It is truly amateurs in office in this taxpayer's eyes.
On a state level the misguided Murphy Senate campaign continues to stumble.  As a taxpayer I really would like an actual answer to all of Mr. Murphy's issues with his mortgages and taxes.  After all we have to pay our taxes on time but I guess I must remember that Murphy and his fellow Democrats are exempt from the tax laws that we have in our state.  What is his actual job program that he talks about?  How did he create any jobs?  Why can't he pass a federal budget which address the National Debt?  Why is a strong defense bad for our country?  In my economic opinion he is also unfit to serve our state and taxpayers.
The choices are clear and should be to anyone who still has not made up their minds to vote.
For United States Senator in Connecticut Linda McMahon.
For President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan.
The ineptness on the part of these Democratic candidates when debating is frightening.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Why Won't Rosa Debate? Wayne Winsley for Congress

Why won't Rosa DeLauro debate her opponent Republican Wayne Winsley?  I guess it is beneath her to explain her robust liberalism/socialism policies to the taxpayers she supposedly represents.  Her liberalism and socialistic policies astound me as a taxpayer.  During the health care debate her only concern was to force Obamacare down our throats because of all of the people who did not have health insurance in our country.  And guess what they still do not have health insurance and our premiums are sky rocketing.
What about a plan to pay down the National Debt?  Or how about some sound economic policies which promote economic freedom not socialism?  Or what about the issues with the Notch Year Social Security recipients?
The list is endless and DeLauro has been in office way too long.
But she will not debate Republican Wayne Winsley.  Sort of like in a socialistic society-one party rule-a dictatorship-it serves her well.
I continue to be astounded as to why voters continue to vote her into office here in Connecticut's Third Congressional District.  She continues to do nothing for us except promote her brand of socialism.
Republican Wayne Winsley provides a great alternative-he believes in lower taxes, he believes in a free market economic system, he believes in a strong family base, he believes in eliminating burdensome regulations, he believes in a strong national defense and he believes in actual energy independence.
He will actually represent the taxpayers of our district and show real leadership for Congress.
You do have a choice if you live in Connecticut's Third Congressional District, you can vote for Republican Wayne Winsley for Congress and facilitate a badly needed change for the good of our district.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

What Debate? President Romney Takes Charge.

What debate?
That was a debate between Presidential candidates?
Has Mr. Obama actually been President for the past four years with high energy price inflation, non existent interest rates for savers, a $6 trillion dollar increase in the National Debt and a socialized health care plan which does little to help our countries health?  That is the record he is running on and last night proved how unprepared he is to be President and continue another four years of his economic debacle that he has nurtured as President.  What a wasted four years for our economy and nation.
Mr. Romney proved once again why he is the choice for President in November.  He proved his ability to see our nation's future, to solve our nation's problems, to develop an economic plan for economic growth in our economy and showed true leadership qualities sorely lacking in Mr. Obama.
The choice is even more clear after last night's debate.
President Romney and Vice President Ryan, true leadership for America after the four year economic nightmare we have endured.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Ethics Complaint That Wasn't And No More Credibility Seen

Tuesday night in Wallingford saw the Ethics complaint that wasn't as the Wallingford resident after much rhetoric withdrew his complaint about Councilmen John LeTourneau and Tom Laffin and their supposed conflict of interest they had with Holy Trinity School and the council's actions with regards to a proposed wall repair at the school on Center Street.

Mr. Letourneau's  supposed crime was that his grandchildren were enrolled at the school.  Mr. Laffin's supposed crime was that his son attends Catholic education classes once a week at the school.  I truly hope they entertain legal action against these unfounded charges which they were forced to respond to.

I view this whole situation as a complete and utter waste of time and taxpayers monies.   Why this even reached this stage is beyond me.  And we as taxpayers should start questioning the actual political motives of these constant accusations which are brought up all the time by these "supposed" watchdogs of our town.  And we as taxpayers should start adding up how much these actions are costing us as taxpayers for the political advancement and well being of these watchdogs.

Fix the damn wall at the school and pave the damn Simpson Court parking lot.
Actions actually do speak louder than words in most cases.