Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No More Taxes Or Mortgages Thanks To Chris Murphy

No More Taxes Or Mortgages Thanks To Chris Murphy!  I guess if Chris Murphy got elected as Senator we the taxpayers of Connecticut would no longer have to pay any more taxes or worry about paying our mortgages!  Wait a minute-you mean only Chris Murphy or other like Democrats in Connecticut are allowed to do this?  Why is that?  Oh because rules and laws do not seem to apply to Chris Murphy and other like Connecticut Democrats?  You mean sort of like the issues Chris Donovan faced possibly selling influence in bills and laws we the taxpayers of Connecticut have to abide by.  You mean these same laws and rules are not applicable to the Murphys and Donovans of the ruling elite-Connecticut Democrats?
I am really confused now.  
We still get to pay one of the highest state tax burdens in the country even though Chris Murphy does not to follow or possibly ignores the laws we as the taxpayers of Connecticut must follow.
Two tier system-have versus have nots.  Taxpayers versus the Connecticut Democrat Ruling Elite.
I guess we see who will win.
I am voting for Linda McMahon for United States Senator.  Not Chris Murphy and his lies.

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