Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A 50%+ Increase In The National Debt? And You Want Him Reelected?

What is a few trillion dollars when it is not yours and you are not counting?  What is a $16 trillion dollar National Debt anyways?  What is another round of printing valueless fiat money?  What promises at what costs are needed to be so desperately reelected so that more economic debacles can occur and more National Debt can be dumped upon future generations of our country?  And what price must we continue to have this false and failed supposed leadership of the Obama Administration-why can not it mercifully end in January?
A 50% plus increase in the National Debt continues to break the economic back of our economy to the point of no return.  What is the Obama Administration's plan to eliminate the Debt?  Are there any economic plans other than the complete socialization of our economy?  Why is wealth bad and yet Democrats embrace taking away as much as they can of it to buy votes?
It is a sickening economic way to run our economy and country.  And we as a government and economy can not sustain a $16 trillion National Debt which is owned by the Obama Administration.
We need a change economically-only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can facilitate that change in November.

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