Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Connecticut's Senate Race-Why I Am Voting For Linda McMahon

I am still trying to figure out what Chris Murphy is offering the taxpayers of Connecticut.  As a Representative in Congress besides missing many meetings and the like he has done little if anything for our state and nation's economy.  He has no experience in running a business and little if any experience in his life other than being a paid, professional politician.  He really has no clue of work and productivity as it seems to me that everything has been handed to him in his lifetime.
How he can represent the taxpayers of our state is beyond me?  He has no plans and or future visions of anything-he is truly a politicians politician, offering nothing to those who are productive in our economy.  He loves our welfare state and its never ending dependencies upon our failed government in Washington.  He loves the splendor of the economic debacle he currently resides over as a member of Congress.  And he loves the continual erosion of our personal freedoms which continue to be advanced by Mr. Obama.
He is a poor candidate as a Senator.
Linda McMahon is the breath of fresh air those who work for a living desperately needs as our new Connecticut Senator.  We see in Senator Blumenthal, another paid professional politician who slams business and industry yet is the seventh wealthiest member of the Senate.  We see he has done nothing to pass a budget which is mandated by the Constitution-funny for a person who slammed laws down many taxpayers and businesses as Attorney General.  He has done nothing for the taxpayers of Connecticut.  We do not need another do nothing Senator Chris Murphy to waste our taxpayers monies.  Enough is enough.
Linda McMahon is a dynamic woman who will be an excellent Senator for our State.  She is caring and has massive business experience.  She is a winner and has the ability to lead something sorely lacking in Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Murphy.
Senator Linda McMahon, she has my vote in November.  I hope you vote for her too.

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