Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Connecticut's Senate Race-Why I Am Voting For Linda McMahon

I am still trying to figure out what Chris Murphy is offering the taxpayers of Connecticut.  As a Representative in Congress besides missing many meetings and the like he has done little if anything for our state and nation's economy.  He has no experience in running a business and little if any experience in his life other than being a paid, professional politician.  He really has no clue of work and productivity as it seems to me that everything has been handed to him in his lifetime.
How he can represent the taxpayers of our state is beyond me?  He has no plans and or future visions of anything-he is truly a politicians politician, offering nothing to those who are productive in our economy.  He loves our welfare state and its never ending dependencies upon our failed government in Washington.  He loves the splendor of the economic debacle he currently resides over as a member of Congress.  And he loves the continual erosion of our personal freedoms which continue to be advanced by Mr. Obama.
He is a poor candidate as a Senator.
Linda McMahon is the breath of fresh air those who work for a living desperately needs as our new Connecticut Senator.  We see in Senator Blumenthal, another paid professional politician who slams business and industry yet is the seventh wealthiest member of the Senate.  We see he has done nothing to pass a budget which is mandated by the Constitution-funny for a person who slammed laws down many taxpayers and businesses as Attorney General.  He has done nothing for the taxpayers of Connecticut.  We do not need another do nothing Senator Chris Murphy to waste our taxpayers monies.  Enough is enough.
Linda McMahon is a dynamic woman who will be an excellent Senator for our State.  She is caring and has massive business experience.  She is a winner and has the ability to lead something sorely lacking in Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Murphy.
Senator Linda McMahon, she has my vote in November.  I hope you vote for her too.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I Am Out Of My Mind According To Governor Malloy And Am Glad That I Am!

According to my Governor I am out of my mind.
I found this while Mr. Malloy was out of state campaigning for Mr. Obama:
Malloy said Obama has done a fantastic job, in his opinion.
"Anyone who votes for the Romney-Ryan team is out of their mind," he added.

Thus I am out of my mind along with a majority of voters this coming November due to our voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as our new President of the United States.
I will counter that one must be out of their minds to vote for Mr. Obama for four more years after the economic debacle he has created in our economy since 2009-he owns the economy now with its excessively high unemployment, lack of transparency, runaway budget deficits, and six trillion dollars in new National Debt.  It is his issue no one elses.
Thus I am out of my mind along with a majority of voters this coming November due to our voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as our new President of the United States.
I am glad that I am out of my mind and wish my Governor would actually stay in his state and govern for a change-but Mr. Malloy now owns the economic debacle that is Connecticut-stagnant growth, poor job formation, excessive taxation, massive budget deficits and massive unfunded liabilities.
Thus I am out of my mind along with a majority of voters this coming November due to our voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as our new President of the United States.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why I Support Linda McMahon For United States Senator on Tuesday

On Tuesday August 14 I am voting in the Republican primary for a change in government.  I am voting for a change in the stale policies and politics of years gone by.  I am voting for a change in economic plans and ideas.  I am voting for a person who can place policies above politics.  I am voting for a person who is self made and actually has been a job creator.  I am voting for a person who understands business and industry.  I am voting for a person who truly will represent me and understand the severe economic climate and times that we live in.
My vote goes to Linda McMahon for our next United States Senator.  She is an articulate and economically  literate woman who has the ability to see the issues as they are.  We live in troubling times economically.  We live in times of mistrust of elected officials who say one thing to get elected and then do another in office.
Linda McMahon understands the duties she will be handed as our next United States Senator from Connecticut.  I can envision her working well with a Republican Senate and President Romney.  I can see her upholding her Constitutional duty of passing a budget something that Harry Reid and Dick Blumenthal do not understand nor care about.
I can see once again the American Dream of economic prosperity starting to reemerge from the cancer of the many years of political thievery and neglect from a Senate whose only concern is their own self interest. We will start to rid ourselves of the Democratic Senate elitism which has failed our economy miserably with misguided and economically irrational policies.
Our stale liberal Connecticut media can bash Linda McMahon all they want and support the lethargic recycled other RINO candidate-she will not yield as she will truly represent our state with ethics, dignity and rational economic thought.
I urge those voting Tuesday to Vote for Linda McMahon for our next United States Senator from Connecticut.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When Is The Sherwood Island Mitt Romney Fundraiser?

Mr. Malloy, I am curious as to when the Mitt Romney fundraiser will be at Sherwood Island and the use of Connecticut taxpayers monies to help pay for it?

What do you mean that a candidate can not use it for fundraising?  Oh because he is a Republican candidate that is why.  I understand now, it is ok to use my taxpayer money to help Mr. Obama raise money.  I really do not know what I was thinking; by the way I am curious as to how much did it actually cost Connecticut taxpayers last night for the events?  Oh I understand again I am not supposed to know and the liberal media can not tell me.  Silly me!

Mr. Obama talks about the poor and tax breaks for the rich while he attends a Connecticut fund raiser at $38,500 per person using apparently taxpayer’s monies to help him through his travels.  
I am curious how people who are unemployed feel about the President accepting that kind of money and then talking from the other side of his mouth about shared sacrifice.  That should make you feel good-especially coming from a President who has spent the past four years running for re election on a platform of no accomplishments and rampant deficit spending.  Maybe Mr. Obama should have tried to actually lead and govern for the past four years rather play the stale and tired blame game that he and his Democratic party has mastered.

Do you like the hope and change we have had for the past four years?  I haven’t especially when now my tax money has to go to help pay for his fund raiser.  What an abuse of power and waste of taxpayer’s monies.

Vote Mitt Romney in November for President.