Thursday, July 12, 2012

Connecticut's Continuing Economic Woes

And there continue to be many.  Many, many economic woes.  The latest is that our state ranks a mere 44 out of 50 states in the cost of doing business.  Business owners continue to fight on a daily basis excessive state regulations, excessive state and local taxes, a problematic unemployment compensation unlimited giving system, high workers compensation costs and a poor transportation infrastructure.  Why would you want to operate a business in Connecticut?  Couple that with a cost of living that ranks 48 out of 50 states next to only Alaska and Hawaii!  Unbelievable.
And the Murphys, Donovans, and Mushinskys of Connecticut's one party rule are running for elected office once again on their records.  Their records of high taxes, excessive spending, political nepotism and economic illiteracy.  That is some great record to run on.
Connecticut's continuing economic woes will not end until we see new people in office who know how to lead and do what is ethically right and economically right.  Enough is enough to this waste of government and business in our state.

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