Sunday, July 29, 2012

100 Days? 4 Years? President Mitt Romney

Where has the time gone?  Just a few years ago there a great deal of hope, change and rhetoric ushering in our new President.  We did not know much about Mr. Obama, his school records were sealed, his birthplace a mystery, his work background sketchy.  Thus he became President by a small margin of victory.
And looking at his Administration we could see very quickly many deficiencies and issues.  The Secretary of Treasury  forgot to pay his taxes, he became confused on his role in Libor.  The Secretary of State supported/not support certain governments/regimes causing confusion.  Economic stimulus programs came and went causing the National Debt to balloon by $6 trillion dollars in less than four years.  The list to me seems endless of the failures of this Administration from both an economic and social standpoint.
Are you better off than you were in 2008?  Not in my economic opinion.
We really do not need another four years of learning on the job with a socialistic twist and effort to it.  We need leadership, we need economic growth, we need stability in our economy, and we need truth in our government.
We need Mitt Romney as our President.  A vote for Romney is truly a vote for change   And we need to change our President as soon as possible.

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dxj said...

Obama is more than happy to rule, but not to lead. He's more than happy to bypass the legislature with executive edicts while providing little vision of what he'd like to see come out of the legislator. He's happy to take credit for the success of others while shifting blame for failures onto others. True leaders put forward a vision, inspire others to support that vision and take ownership of problems. Obama is not a leader. He's an empty slate upon which others project their hopes; everything and nothing.