Friday, June 29, 2012

When Did A Politician Ever Not Like A Tax? Now We Tax Healthcare

So now we tax healthcare.  Or Obamacare is not a tax?  Or now it is?  What else can we tax in our economy?  The air we breath for one thing.
In pure economic terms our economy can not support the tax increases which are coming in 2013 plus an addition $75 to $100 billion a year in new health care taxes during the middle of a continual economic recession. Our economy will basically collapse with a staggering $15 trillion plus national debt and $1 trillion plus a year in new taxes. I also will remind any elected official at any level of government that they can sign up for any of my Macroeconomics and Microeconomics classes that I teach to learn about our economy that they are hell bent upon destroying with their economic illiteracy of how our economy works.  It is economic illiteracy at the highest level and signals in my economic opinion our Second American Revolution starting by an abused tax paying public who are sick of being incessantly raped by their elected officials for their own political gain.

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