Friday, June 22, 2012

Connecticut's Dirty Unemployment Fund Secret

It is a secret.  Please do not tell anyone or actually read this in our media.  One party rule in Hartford definitely does not want this to be heard.  Connecticut's Unemployment Trust Fund is a mere $630 million in the hole.  They became insolvent back in 10/13/2009.  The $630 million is the amount they owe in the loan they were forced to take from the United States Department of Labor.  But here is the best part of the secret, to help pay for the interest on this loan all who pay unemployment taxes in our state get to pay an additional tax of $25.50 per full time employee this August!  50 full time employees equals $1275 in taxes to the state on top of all of the other state unemployment taxes a company pays here.  But I know we will not see this or question this in August.
The secrets of one party rule continue to defy any type of economic logic.  Where are the companies of our state going to find the money for this tax?  And what is really being done to help create new jobs in a state that has $70 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities, one of the highest tax rates already in the country and really a sickening and abysmal economic record for decades now?
Thus it is more of the same by one party rule.  Keep giving tax monies to those who have business political connections, give away all you can to remain in one party power and most of all continue the incessant rape of the Connecticut taxpayer at all levels.  What a waste of a state economy.

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