Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wallingford's Woodgate 2012

Wallingford.  Woodgate.  2012. One of the most critical issues facing Wallingford in 2012 is the disposal of wood from last years storms.  Woodgate has now been created to waste now even more taxpayers monies in order to satisfy the inquisitive and never satisfied Town Councilor-Mayoral Wanna Be who supposedly represents us.
This crisis of wood has developed due to the wrong dumping apparently of a load of wood during the cleanup after the storms.  I am wondering if the Town Councilor actually realized the magnitude of the amount of clean up after these storms?  I am wondering if he was out there helping homeowners clean up their yards?   Was he at the town compost area inspecting vehicles and directing traffic?
The massive amounts of wood that came down were probably of historical proportions and took a long period of time to clean up.  I still have a large tree that has to be cut up in my back yard.  However why we are wasting taxpayer's monies to investigate this situation is beyond me.  I guess we need to satisfy what seems to be the pressing need to keep one's name in front of the  media and in front of the public at all times whether or not it is worthy of it.
And in my opinion Woodgate is one of these times.  And as a taxpayer I truly resent that one penny of my tax money needs to be spent investigating it.  What happened seems to have been a mistake, the wood was picked up from the house it was dumped at and move on from it.  It is another non event in which the Democrats again hope that they somehow gain political strength from.
Woodgate is a waste of our tax money.  I truly resent it.

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