Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Here Are The Real 2012 Facts Of One Party Rule For Connecticut

The Democrats will soon be in full force trying to run their reelection campaigns based upon some Utopian views of how well Connecticut is doing with their one party rule.
Here are the facts so you the voters can decide:
1. The highest tax increase in state's history retroactive to 1/1/11 helped now to create a $260 million and rising  budget deficit which was not addressed in this legislative session.
2. What was addressed was a repeal of the death penalty which a majority of state residents still favor keeping as law.
3. A unionization of all home health care workers.
4. An economically irrational anti gouging bill for businesses (apparently state government is allowed to gouge taxpayers in any way they see fit) which in no way can be enforced.
5. A $343,000 grant to a New Haven organization which embraces and has Communist ties which struck from a bonding bill (we are waiting to see how this will be circumvented and be bonded).
6. The House passes an increase in the Minimum Wage increase to further strain and increase business costs and prices of goods in our state.
7. The 3rd highest taxed state in our country.
8. The state is now ranked 44th in Business friendliness, another drop since last year.
9. Still again no education reform due to excessive union influence.
To me the list is endless.  On and on and on.
By all means if you appreciate this tyranny and economic illiteracy keep voting for one party rule.
If you had enough please vote for new candidates in November.

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