Tuesday, April 03, 2012

As Usual More DeLauro Distortions

We know it is election time in Connecticut's Third Congressional District. Our Representative for life, tax and spend Rosa DeLauro has now placed her economic footprint on Representative Paul Ryan's budget which was passed by the House. Ryan's budget amazingly enough calls for gasp! cuts in spending! And tries to address our never ending National Debt. A National Debt which has grown from the constant spending laws that have been passed by our Representative for life in her unlimited years in power. DeLauro obviously can not handle any cuts in spending especially social welfare spending, which is in my economic opinion completely out-of-control. She saw some good press on Ryan's attempt to rework the massive failed social welfare programs of our federal government in particular food stamps.

From the 4/3/12 New Haven Register, DeLauro said food stamps actually help to grow the economy. She cited a Moody’s report that food stamps generate $1.73 in economic activity for every dollar spent “because people spend the money right away; it generates a multiplier effect in local communities.”
How in economic terms can taxpayer deficit funded food stamps help stimulate the economy? It is a permanent transfer of wealth which ultimately does not provide those people who need the help with any long term skills in getting themselves off of social welfare programs. Are all food stamps actually spent the way they should be spent? Thus one must assume there is no fraud with regards to any social welfare spending program in our government. Truly amazing.

We have spent trillions upon trillions of taxpayers dollars to combat the war on poverty which in my economic opinion have little result other than creating the bloated welfare bureaucracy that entraps so many on welfare in 2012. And for some it helps create welfare as a way of life.
It is truly a waste of taxpayers monies. I continue to applaud Representative Ryan for having the guts to actually address the wastes and fraud of our federal budget and in particular the National Debt. Our Representative for life (who we can only hope to be replaced in November) continues to pave the taxpayer's road to economic ruin with her misguided and failed economic thoughts. Enough is enough.

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