Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Republican Presidential Primary

The Republican Presidential primary has been an interesting process. Candidates have been courting voters and groups with their policies, thoughts and ideas. From a field of eight candidates we seem to be down to four and realistically down to two candidates, Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum. Both candidates offer many different ideas and views with regards to our current world, economy and social issues. And it shows a healthy Republican view of what a primary is much to the disgust of the liberal mainstream media. As a Republican I feel this process is essential in this election. Mr. Obama is running for reelection with a dismal and economically irrational record. He has help to create a massive national debt increase, a massive socialized health care program and numerous other socialistic programs which are failing our economy on a daily basis. He is a strong candidate? How so? In the liberal media's view I assume. Thus in my economic opinion, Mr. Obama is probably the weakest economic candidate running for reelection in the past 125+ years of our nation. The media will try to continue to prop him up but will not succeed as economics trumps rhetoric. And I feel voters have had enough of him also.
Let Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum continue their debate, let Republican voters decide who they want as their candidate.
And let the economic debacle that has entrapped our economy for the past four years pass with a new President come November.

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