Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Jobs Postings

Well the poor economic news continues to pour into our overtaxed state. As I stated in my last blog, I really did not feel that our state is gaining more jobs or the unemployment rate is going down that much. Also new jobs being created to replace those jobs lost over the past four years is down by 67% meaning that only about 33% of 117,500 jobs lost in the last recession have been recreated. That in my economic opinion is a dismal record, but a record which is consistent with a one party rule in Hartford. Thus Connecticut continues to once again lag behind the rest of the country in new job formation and will probably be one of the last states if not the last state to recover from the recession. In my economic opinion we still have yet to recover from the previous recession and this recession is no different. An obstructionist government, excessively high taxes, high workers compensation and unemployment costs and a poor road system has led to Connecticut's decline.
Why in the world would you vote for this same type of one party rule in November again make no sense to me-maybe a balanced political system in Hartford might actually yield economic results. Are we going to see the same results in March, 2013?

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