Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Connecticut Senate Race-Linda McMahon

I find Connecticut's Senate race to be very interesting. As a Republican I feel it is healthy for our party to have candidates expose differing views and thoughts as to their policies. The three candidates all have some interesting ideas although I hold strong feelings in this election. The Democratic candidates seem to be to me just the typical Connecticut tax and spend elitist candidates who rule with a great deal of economic illiteracy and folly.
Back to the Republican side I continue to support and endorse Linda McMahon for a variety of reasons. She is a self made women contrary to the media distortion of her life. She has articulated precise economic programs and policies in both campaigns with this years plans to be even more far reaching than in 2010. She did not flee the state as did Mr. Shays after he lost his seat. She has been here paying taxes along with her business playing an enormous amount of taxes at all levels of government and also actually creating jobs. Mr. Shays now has a plan to eliminate the national debt-well what did he do for all the years he was a US Representative? Did he have any plan then? Did he really control spending or taxes?
In my economic opinion I am truly tired of the political lifers we have in the House and Senate who do nothing, become millionaires from their positions and have help to ruin our economy. Mr. Blumenthal and his ridiculous and economically illiterate actions in the Senate have proven this theory. Where is your budget Mr. Blumenthal? His time as our Senator really has been laughable for the taxpayers of our state-his concern is himself and his ego only. What a poor choice to represent us.
Thus once again I am supporting Linda McMahon for United States Senator and her plan of action. She is in my opinion very electable much to chagrin of the media and the many RINO's who inhabit the Republican party in our state. She is a political breath of fresh air, with a rational economic plan of attack for our economy. She will actually represent us and the Constitution which would be so nice for a change.
Yes I support Linda and by the way you only need one more vote than the stale, economically inept Democratic candidate to win the election...just a thought.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Representative Paul Ryan's Excellent Plan

I applaud Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for his plan to cut spending by $5.3 trillion dollars and balance the budget by 2040. His plan would simplify our tax structure which would help to create economic stimulation and economic growth as our government would decrease in size and be forced to become efficient.
Representative Ryan has become our country's spokesman when it comes to seeking a solution to our out of control spending and national debt. He is the only member of Congress in my economic opinion who has the desire to try to create a solution to this economic debacle that currently exists in Washington. And his plan needs to be looked at and enacted upon to save our country and economy.
What we hear from the Democrats is more of the same, more and higher taxes, more spending on failed social welfare programs, more spending on crony capitalism, more, more and more waste. And these economic programs of tax and spend have failed our economy miserably.
It is time for a different way of looking at Washington, cut spending, cut programs and cut taxes.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Connecticut's Cruel Gas Taxes-Cap It Permanently

There are many cruel gas taxes in our state along with many other excessive taxes on all aspects of our lives and businesses. But it is interesting to see that our one party rule in Hartford is willing to throw taxpayers a bone with a one year and one year only cap on the state secret gross earning tax on gasoline. Why can't they cap it permanently?
I guess taxpayers and drivers in our state should be ecstatic at these crumbs thrown at us. Why are we this highly taxed in the first place? Is our highway system that efficient? For example smooth, paved roads? Or is it a nightmare especially in the I-91-95 corridor? Where does all this gasoline tax money go to-the general fund, the one party rule slush fund that has driven our state into debt with out end?
And the rhetoric of the secret gross earnings tax cap continues. Senator Suzio's proposal should be voted on immediately and made permanent once and for all. Taxpayers have been raped long enough by Hartford's one party rule. It is truly time to end our taxation without representation that exists in Hartford.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Jobs Postings

Well the poor economic news continues to pour into our overtaxed state. As I stated in my last blog, I really did not feel that our state is gaining more jobs or the unemployment rate is going down that much. Also new jobs being created to replace those jobs lost over the past four years is down by 67% meaning that only about 33% of 117,500 jobs lost in the last recession have been recreated. That in my economic opinion is a dismal record, but a record which is consistent with a one party rule in Hartford. Thus Connecticut continues to once again lag behind the rest of the country in new job formation and will probably be one of the last states if not the last state to recover from the recession. In my economic opinion we still have yet to recover from the previous recession and this recession is no different. An obstructionist government, excessively high taxes, high workers compensation and unemployment costs and a poor road system has led to Connecticut's decline.
Why in the world would you vote for this same type of one party rule in November again make no sense to me-maybe a balanced political system in Hartford might actually yield economic results. Are we going to see the same results in March, 2013?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Lack Of Jobs

Where are the jobs in Connecticut? For that matter in our country? How is 8% unemployment looked at as being an improvement in 2012 for our state? What about the number of workers who are out of unemployment benefits and given up looking for work and are no longer counted? Thus we may actually have an unemployment rate of 15 to 17% rather than a published 8% rate. But then again economic figures are normally manipulated by governmental officials to their benefit and for political gain.
Sort of like what we will see in Monday's report on jobs. Or then again the lack of jobs and economic growth which still plagues our state. But who is worried about that? We will just keep taxing the remaining businesses in our state with one of the highest unemployment taxes in the country, coupled with all of the other high taxes in the state. And then we will again ask, where are the jobs in 2012?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Republican Presidential Primary

The Republican Presidential primary has been an interesting process. Candidates have been courting voters and groups with their policies, thoughts and ideas. From a field of eight candidates we seem to be down to four and realistically down to two candidates, Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum. Both candidates offer many different ideas and views with regards to our current world, economy and social issues. And it shows a healthy Republican view of what a primary is much to the disgust of the liberal mainstream media. As a Republican I feel this process is essential in this election. Mr. Obama is running for reelection with a dismal and economically irrational record. He has help to create a massive national debt increase, a massive socialized health care program and numerous other socialistic programs which are failing our economy on a daily basis. He is a strong candidate? How so? In the liberal media's view I assume. Thus in my economic opinion, Mr. Obama is probably the weakest economic candidate running for reelection in the past 125+ years of our nation. The media will try to continue to prop him up but will not succeed as economics trumps rhetoric. And I feel voters have had enough of him also.
Let Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum continue their debate, let Republican voters decide who they want as their candidate.
And let the economic debacle that has entrapped our economy for the past four years pass with a new President come November.