Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts And More

Random Tuesday's Thoughts and more:
Why are we using taxpayer's monies to finance one party Democratic rule in Hartford?
How is Chris Shays now going to balance the federal budget in six years-didn't he have enough time when he was a Representative?
Where is the Senate's budget Senator Blumenthal?
What are we doing about rising energy prices, funny you hear no mention of the economically illiterate energy policies of this Administration (i.e. Keystone Pipeline)?
Why do we have a budget deficit with the highest tax increase in state's history?
And why is the media avoiding it?
Why did state taxpayers support Ticket Network?
How do they have actual economic value in our economy?
Why can't Republican registered voters like myself pick our own Presidential candidate?
Why must the media try to pick it?
Why is Mr. Obama even running for reelection with his dismal economic record of a record national debt, record unemployment, record federal spending and his dismantling of our military?
Really to me it seems like 1980 all over again...

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