Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Senator for Life-Where's Our Budget?

Senator for Life Dick Blumenthal is now worried about NFL blackouts along with all of the other fluff things he likes to get press about. But Senator for Life what about something as frivolous as a Federal budget? I mean it is only 1000+ days without a budget-how does the Senator for Life explain it or twist it to his advantage? Or more likely does the Senator for Life understand what a budget is? You would think a Senator for Life who made a state career of enforcing the law and laws yet enacted or created would want to follow the law of the United States Senate and pass a budget for the country. Maybe an actual budget would force some spending cuts and or cuts in our massive national deficit and debt which have been rolling up to record numbers since 2009.
But according to our current United States Senate who cares about the economy, the national debt and having a budget? Certainly our Senator for Life is not worried about something as insignificant as this. After all what is the political value in a budget? Especially when you know your party will probably be losing control of the Senate and Presidency very shortly?
Just imagine Connecticut taxpayers and voters how much further ahead we could have been economically with Linda McMahon as our Senator. Instead look at the economic ineptness we as taxpayers must pay for forever in our Senator for Life Blumenthal.

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