Thursday, February 16, 2012

Again More Democratic Confusion-Applause to Ms. Bachand

I enjoyed reading in this morning's Record Journal an article on Tanya Bachand
I did find confusing the following statement from the Wallingford Democratic Chairman which was found in the article:
But Democratic Town Chairman Vincent Avallone said that, while he doesn't know Bachand personally, he believes tea party ideas and ideologies have lost steam."The more local Republicans are influenced by the Tea Party, the better it is for the Democratic Party," he said. "I think their effectiveness and impact has worn out and people are fed up."Avallone said that he believes independent voters are turned off by the tea party and see it as "obstructionist."

In my economic opinion the more individual voters and taxpayers are influenced by the Tea Party the more they realize how one party rule by the Democratic party in Connecticut has all but ruined our state. People are fed up with being the highest taxed state in the country and the worse state in the country to retire in rather than being fed up with a free Tea Party movement which is attempting to better our state and country. They are not willing to continue the road to economic ruin that the Democrats have led us on. The Tea Party is an organization that welcomes independent thought and independent voters.
No-I think Mr. Avallone is confused because the more students and citizens I talk to, the more they tell me that they are fed up with our one party rule in this state. The obstruction is found by the Democrats in Hartford whether it is by gerrymandering legislative districts to eliminate candidates from running for state office by being pushed out of their current district or by excessive taxation and nepotism which reigns supreme in Hartford.
Keep up the good work Tanya and the Tea Party. Victory is in sight. The Democrats are the problem.

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