Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How Much More Can State Government Grow?

It is interesting to see how much further Connecticut government can grow. In Hartford we have seen a continuous expansion of government in terms of employees, laws, rules, regulations, spending, increased taxes, and losses of economic freedom. What about the largest tax increase in our state's history?
The Super Majority one-party rule of the Democrats in Hartford has basically choked and stifled our economy for many years now. Many of our graduating youth will never settle in their home state due to the high cost of living, high tax rates and lack of job opportunities. I use my daughter as an example, nor do I feel it would be in her best interests economically to come back here, nor will she.
Our state has become and will stay economically stagnant for years to come due to the lack of a two party system in the state. And with 2012 being a state election year we will be flooded with the usual stale Democrat propaganda of showing us how much they have done for our state. It has already started with Representative Tax and Spend Mushinsky here in Wallingford. More of the same in 2012, a ruling one party elite damaging our state economy on a daily basis. Is there an end to this cancerous growth?

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