Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Economic Record?

The 2012 Presidential race is interesting. On the one hand we have the media daily condemning anything the Republican candidates state. They unfortunately are running against both the biased media and an economically incompetent Administration. I am still confused as to how the President is actually running for reelection? On what type of record? He steamrolls a socialized health care plan that no one understands as to how it operates or its costs. He has added over $3 trillion dollars to the national debt. His economic stimulus programs have done nothing to actually create jobs or long term growth. He has helped to pass massive amounts of regulations and laws on all aspects of the economy and our personal lives. He has no transparency in his Administration just political rhetoric. It really has grown stale and continues to distort and hurt our economy.
Thus I am confused as the record that the President is running for reelection on. What he has done is actually good for our country? Or has he brought our country back years in economic regression and recession? In my economic opinion it is the later. He does not deserve a second term nor can he win. The American voter has become tired of this failed Administration and its rhetoric. His one term can not be over soon enough for our country.

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