Thursday, December 08, 2011


Connecticut no I mean Corrupticut. Values and ethics? In our state?
Now the onslaught of false claims for the Hurricane aid will become political media fodder. Claims and counter claims, investigations and inquiries. Defense and offensive tactics being developed. How could some Connecticut state employees file false claims? And were all the people who applied for this aid really qualified for it? Or was this program another governmental sham and waste of taxpayers monies? I am thankful that State Senator Joseph Markley, a Republican from Southington asked for the investigation of these aid claims.
And the next result of this latest case of outright governmental fraud is? Not much. We are still one of the highest taxed states in the country being overtaxed now to show a surplus. And our over taxation helps to create the entitlement mentality of Corrupticut. Entitlements done both legally and illegally as we are seeing from this new fraud case. Entitlements of our elected officials seeking only their own self interest not the interests of those who they supposedly represent.
Corrupticut. Fraud. Entitlements. Waste.
Just more of the same with new faces in Hartford.


Jazzman said...

Finally, someone else here in Ct. sees the light.
We must hold our elected officials to task and do what`s right by the taxpayer.......not the the other way around.

Jazzman said...

finally, someone else calling the corrupt politicians to task in Ct.
We need to remind them that they are suposed to be resonsible for the hardworking citizens of Ct, and not the other way around.

...and then you have the mayor of New Haven trying to get votes for his party by trying to get the gov. to allow illegals to this wrong or what?

Jazzman said...

Thanks Bob for your blog and voice of reason, how do I subscribe to your page?
I too am an educator but I seem to go against everything the liberal teacher stands for, I am republican and very conservative.