Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Economic Record?

The 2012 Presidential race is interesting. On the one hand we have the media daily condemning anything the Republican candidates state. They unfortunately are running against both the biased media and an economically incompetent Administration. I am still confused as to how the President is actually running for reelection? On what type of record? He steamrolls a socialized health care plan that no one understands as to how it operates or its costs. He has added over $3 trillion dollars to the national debt. His economic stimulus programs have done nothing to actually create jobs or long term growth. He has helped to pass massive amounts of regulations and laws on all aspects of the economy and our personal lives. He has no transparency in his Administration just political rhetoric. It really has grown stale and continues to distort and hurt our economy.
Thus I am confused as the record that the President is running for reelection on. What he has done is actually good for our country? Or has he brought our country back years in economic regression and recession? In my economic opinion it is the later. He does not deserve a second term nor can he win. The American voter has become tired of this failed Administration and its rhetoric. His one term can not be over soon enough for our country.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Merry Christmas to all of my readers. Happy Hanukkah to all of my readers.

All I want for Christmas is...
Free enterprise economics to be allowed to work again.
Free market systems to be allowed to work again.
An end to overreach by the Federal government.
An end to one party rule in Hartford.
Connecticut tax cuts and a real balanced state budget.
A presidential candidate who has an actual plan to pay of the National Debt.
An unbiased media.
National term limits for the US House and Senate.
Freedom for countries under the rule of dictators such as Cuba and North Korea to mention just a few.
Respect for the members of our military at all times in peace and war.

Merry Christmas and to all a good night...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wait A Minute Who Has Been In Power In Hartford For Years?

President Malloy. I guess it is coming, maybe Senator first. I have been following with great interest State GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. questioning of our traveling Governors appointment as Finance Chairmen of the Democratic Governors Committee. I also question how much actual economic/finance knowledge Mr. Malloy has in regards to his running our state. First he passes the highest tax increase in the state's history. Obviously proud of that he makes the state income tax increase retroactive to January 1 of this year although few if any in the state tax department can actually figure out how much more one needs to pay to make sure one is in compliance with it. Now the state through the highest tax increase in our state's history is running a $100 million budget surplus through this over taxation since there is little if any economic recovery taking place in the state. Then the state Democratic Party's spokeswoman, Jacie Falkowski, states in the Hartford Courant, "he (Labriola Jr)should really look at his party’s dismal record on job creation, budgeting and leadership first." I thought the Democrats have been in control of State House and State Senate for how many years now presiding over a now record twenty years of economic recession and poor government. They have been in charge dismantling our state economy on a daily basis for many years now. What's the state's unemployment rate and is the unemployment fund solvent yet or must businesses keep paying the additional payroll tax fees to pay off the loans of this fund?
And the Democrats keep picking on former disgraced Governor Rowland's job as a talk show host. Well what about Eliot Spitzer's former job on CNN or how about the Reverend Al Sharpton's talk show job? Those jobs are fine but I guess but not Rowland's position.
Thus more of the same here in Corrupticut.
The Malloy Administration must keep up the talk of their path of socialistic progress of high taxes, more governmental spending and nepotism. The State GOP Chairman must keep up the resistance movement. I will choose to keep up with my feet and eventually leave this quagmire of a state.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The MF Global Debacle

Hushed away in the news is the economic debacle of a former Democratic Senator and Governor and his running of MF Global Investments. MF Global for those who do not know its complexities and operations is a cash and derivatives broker-dealer, that delivers access to the world's financial markets in several different ways. For example, some agricultural businesses use firms like MF Global to help reduce their risks and volatility in oil, corn and other commodity prices/markets. They hedge their monies in other words to reduce risks in these markets.
However $1.2 billion of many customers monies is missing. Jon Corzine the former Democratic Senator and Governor who is also the former CEO of this company made a foolish risk and bet on the ongoing European debt crisis and lost. And he does not know where the missing money is. Sounds unbelievable?
Enter now the spin control factor of Mr. Corzine political connections with his being called to testify in front of some Congressional committees. And also enter now the media spin control to protect yet another Obama crony and his highly irrational economic decisions. Why Mr. Corzine bet on the Euro crisis makes no economic sense or logic to me. Why this risk was kept off the financial records of MF Global also makes no economic sense to me. How is this legal? How with all the new financial legislation and laws that this Administration has passed could this have happened? Is it possible that Mr. Corzine is above the law due to his political connections?
And lastly what about those farmers throughout our country who are trying to find out where their monies are? I wonder if they will vote Democratic in 2012?
This new financial company debacle is more of the same, more economic greed and more taxpayers bailouts of those who are politically connected.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


Connecticut no I mean Corrupticut. Values and ethics? In our state?
Now the onslaught of false claims for the Hurricane aid will become political media fodder. Claims and counter claims, investigations and inquiries. Defense and offensive tactics being developed. How could some Connecticut state employees file false claims? And were all the people who applied for this aid really qualified for it? Or was this program another governmental sham and waste of taxpayers monies? I am thankful that State Senator Joseph Markley, a Republican from Southington asked for the investigation of these aid claims.
And the next result of this latest case of outright governmental fraud is? Not much. We are still one of the highest taxed states in the country being overtaxed now to show a surplus. And our over taxation helps to create the entitlement mentality of Corrupticut. Entitlements done both legally and illegally as we are seeing from this new fraud case. Entitlements of our elected officials seeking only their own self interest not the interests of those who they supposedly represent.
Corrupticut. Fraud. Entitlements. Waste.
Just more of the same with new faces in Hartford.