Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I Do Not Support The Referendum and Will Vote No

I do not support the referendum on the Simpson Court Parking Area and I am going to vote No on Monday.
Wallingford is a beautiful town especially its downtown area. Many citizens in town believe it or not, use the parking area in front and behind the businesses in this area. I personally park in front when there is a spot and do my banking business and then cross the street to go to the Post Office. It is easy, convenient and saves me time. I foresee all of that being gone if this does not pass as the parking lot will only be for those businesses there. Thus I get to waste more time.
Another point is that the lease agreement has been in effect for 50 years now. I personally would not want strangers parking at my house or business and leaving their cars in my lot. The owners of this area have been helping the town in area business and municipal government parking for years. Why must it change now? Because the town wants to improve the area? The same argument can be made when the town offers a tax break for a business moving here in town? What is the difference? Why aren't the self appointed financial police investigating each one of these deals? Because they benefit Wallingford that's why.
However this parking area is great political fodder and recognition especially after Tuesday's election results for the Democrats. And they are wrong in their arguments-they do not make sense to me economically.
Also I do not see as the cure-all the old Wooding area as a municipal lot. This should be used to create the expansion needed for the Police Department which would eventually incorporate more public parking. As such that is down the road and it is an area which realistically is two to five blocks down from where people wish to be in the downtown area. That will cost money also.
Sometimes money needs to be spent. In this case it is money well spent which helps the local economy and local businesses. All of Wallingford and all of Wallingford's downtown merchants benefit from this paving. If Wallingford's downtown merchants are prosperous then more jobs are created and more tax revenue is created. It is a win-win situation for both private business and local government. Why this has become an issue is beyond me.
One final point-as I watched the local Public TV show created by anti paving self appointed spokesmen I was confused by their thoughts and arguments. What lower Quinnipiac Street has to do with the paved downtown area is beyond me? Do they want us to park down there and walk up ten blocks? If it is so littered, with the time they spent creating this show they could have picked up all of the litter and done something actually productive for once rather than costing taxpayers monies once again with this referendum. Actions do speak louder than empty words.
I do not support the referendum on the Simpson Court Parking Area and I am going to vote No on Monday. I hope you vote No also.

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