Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy A Job! And Other Thoughts

Some random thoughts:
How about occupying a job and being productive in life?
How about the rights of taxpayers?
How about a massive cut in federal spending and no tax increases?
How about the taxpayers who pay to use I-84 Entrance Ramp and were not allowed to use it yesterday-they do not have rights?
How about the irony in the Mayor of New Britain wife being arrested at the I-84 protest?
How about the irony in the high property taxes in New Britain?
How about letting Wallingford elected officials govern rather than being forced to go to referendum on anything to do with the downtown area?
How about letting the free market system work in our economy?
How about basic economics classes be required of all elected officials at all levels of government?
How about state leaders actually staying in the state and governing?
How about unfunded pension liability reform?
How about a balanced budget according GAP?
How about economic freedom?

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