Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another Couple Million Dollars. Who Is Counting?

Hey what is another couple million dollars of clean up, lost work, lost production and damage to Connecticut?
We just had a hurricane two months ago which cost the state millions upon millions of dollars. Now we have a northeaster cause more damage to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars.
We hear that CL&P will raise rates if they must trim trees more often than in a five year cycle. My economic question to CL&P (and no I do not have them here in Wallingford thankfully) is why are you in business if you can not maintain your wires and are ill equipped to handle a crisis or two?
And why is Governor Malloy underwhelmed with the lack of response by outside entities? Are they responsible for the storm and the lack of preparedness by both his Admninistration and CL&P? Anyone know what self sufficiency means? Anyone know how to prepare for an emergency by trimming trees and investing in underground utilities? We have plenty of money to waste for the one party rule special interests in Hartford but we have no money for what is really needed in our state which is investment in our infrastructure so consumers in winter do not to wait days on end for something as simple as electricity. Are we a third world nation?
The priorities do not exist in Connecticut-Hartford's one party rule is the priority of political expediency, nepotism and special interest lobbying. Not something as stupid as electricity and infrastructure.
But then again what is another couple of million dollars anyways?

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