Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dickinson For Mayor Again In Wallingford

I love Wallingford. I do not like Connecticut much any more with its progressive one party ultra liberal ruling elite in Hartford. Wallingford however, is a community that its citizens are proud of. It is a town that many people want to move to because of its strong school system, low taxes, low electric rates, close location to both Hartford and New Haven, many stores and businesses. It is a community where we have seen a steady positive course continue through the administration of Mayor Bill Dickinson. I believe that the Mayor who has been in office for many, many years now has led Wallingford by example always putting the town's needs first over self glorification and personal gain. He lacks an ego which so apparent with our new Governor for life.
In this election we have the same cries of a lack of progressiveness and the downtown parking lot crisis. It to me is more of the same debates which do not lead to any positives for the community.
This election a vote for Mayor Bill Dickinson and the Republican candidates for Town Council and Board of Education will continue the path of progress for our great town, Wallingford.

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