Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow-More Economic Misery Again By This Administration

Let me try to understand this new economic logic, we are now going to raise taxes to pay for more jobs? What kind of jobs escapes me as the recent Obama jobs campaign speech promises more of the same economic misery that we have seen since January 2009. Again by raising taxes on millionaires who earn $200,000 a year, what is being accomplished economically? Another transfer of wealth? Another penalization of the creation of wealth in our economy except for those who have donated to Democratic candidates (i.e. General Electric, Warren Buffet)? Thus more of the same economic plan. Transfer wealth from those who have earned it through higher and greater taxes.
And no jobs will ultimately be created. After three years of failed economic policies would it make sense that the free market system be once again allowed to function without chronic governmental interference?
No, instead we will have more economic misery. More of the same failed economic policies.

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