Monday, September 26, 2011

Tom Laffin For Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom served on the Wallingford Board of Education and is well aware of the issues going on in town. Tom would bring to the Council a common sense approach to fiscal management of our town along with a business oriented focus. Tom was articulate when he was on the Board of Education on all issues he faced. He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience.

From his website
My Plan for the Continuation of Successful Principles and Practices for a Prosperous Community
A Vibrant Downtown:

I want a strong, healthy downtown. I want to make it easy and convenient for people to go, shop, dine, enjoy friends and show off their town.
A Solid Education:

Wallingford is highly respected for its education system by other towns and its administrators. After serving on the Board of Education for four years, and working along side of Superintendent Dr. Menzo and our team of teachers and administrators, I understand the needs of our children and how to balance those needs to work well with the general government.
Reliable Utilities:

I'll work to make sure the Mayor and the Public Utilities Commission have the resources and flexibility they need to continue the success we have benefited from. Our town boasts one of the strongest and most reliable electric companies on the east coast. Our water and sewer departments provide inexpensive and unfailing services that are the envy of our friends from other neighboring towns.
Fiscal Responsibility:

Budgeting to make sure our reach does not exceed our grasp, Wallingford has maintained it's strong AAA bond rating while continuing to grow within our means. By working to foster the town's self-sufficient nature and lack of strong dependence on the state for funds allows us to direct our own future.

Tom Laffin, the right choice for one your votes for Wallingford's Town Council
I know Tom has my vote this November.

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