Thursday, September 08, 2011

More Speeches = Less Jobs

Let me see, tonight we will hear how the Republicans are at fault for the economy and in particular the lack of jobs in our economy. We will hear that this President inherited this mess and that a mere $2 trillion dollars in debt later, he needs yet another stimulus program to get Americans working. And/or maybe an extension of unemployment benefits to 3 years or may be your entire lifetime until you can retire on Social Security at 62. We will see liberal news commentators spin his words to biblical proportions. And then maybe a majority of Americans who work and pay taxes at all levels of government will finally see how unprepared and unqualified Mr. Obama is to be the President of the United States of America.
The campaign for President is in full swing, we really need someone who understands the free market system and economics to become our new President. Millions upon millions of Americans have had enough of the lackadaisical on the job training that goes on in the White House with this Administration especially with poor economic policies that have damaged our economy.
More speeches and still even fewer jobs on the horizon. One term and done economically.

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