Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Local Election Is Near-Here Comes The Misinformation

Yes for Wallingford voters the local election is near-here comes the misinformation. We will hear the usual denunciation of the Republican Council members and the Dickinson Administration. We will hear the misinformation about the paving of the parking lot at Simpson Court. It would be interesting to see if anyone remembers when John Thompson appeared before the Town Council with the plans for this repaving (as is provided by the lease which the town has had since 1961 for this area) and why there was no objections to it at that time. But now we can view the election fodder of why this area must not be paved to benefit the town and the downtown area. And the fight for the referendum for this will amount to a great waste of taxpayers monies for it. And what is the purpose of this? Is it really saving taxpayers monies? In my economic opinion, it is not saving the $500,000 that is going to be spent to improve this area nor does Simpson Court owners need to accommodate Town Parking either if the lease is voided.
Thus in the 2011 election we will have more of the same, misinformation.
Democracy has always been served well by those who question what needs to be questioned. Democracy does not function when it is degraded to the constant turmoil of misinformation by a chosen few who claim knowledge in all areas called local government.

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