Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Economics

Happy Labor Day. How many people are working today? What is the real rate on unemployment? 18% with those off the unemployment compensation roles due to their 99 weeks benefits ending? How many jobs have been permanently lost in our economy since 2008? How many jobs will either be lost or gained from our recent hurricane? How much does federal government interference and regulations cost in actual new job creation? How can new job creation occur with chronic government overreach in the labor market? How many more failed jobs plans can the Obama Administration create? Why are Unions given their current salary and pension structures which are in the case of Connecticut still not addressing long term unfunded liabilities? Why can't the free market system allow for the creation of new jobs without governmental subsidies paid for by taxpayers? Why is Connecticut's unemployment fund broke?
Happy Labor Day-hopefully you have a job as do many, many politicians and governmental workers at all three levels of government have. If you don't have a job...well...

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