Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey Whats $13 Million? Taiwan Is Nice This Time Of The Year

Hey who cares about $13 million in pension funds? Especially when state pension unfunded liabilities are anywhere from $10 to $15 billion depending on who you believe. So what is the big deal about the State Treasurer trying to figure out a way to get that $13 million out of Taiwan? Heck I do not understand why the Democratic party and the state media isn't applauding her for making that kind of money on the pension funds. Why are they not giving her a raise? Or maybe a new car with new plates and registration? Why shouldn't taxpayers pay for that?

I mean $13 million can go a long way to paying down that $10 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. What is that about a 1/2% of it? I mean I know somewhere the Democrats have a plan for paying it off like raising more of our taxes or some other economic scheme. Just like the plan for rebidding almost $1,000,000 in banking contracts which have not been rebid in ten years.
Oh well-what's money when it is not yours and you do not have to be accountable for it? Anybody see $13 million?

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