Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Taxes And Spending, More Democratic Rhetoric

Well, we have more taxes and more spending by the transparent Malloy Administration. We have been given shared sacrifice if you work for a living and pay taxes here in Connecticut. Malloy has given us more taxes and more state spending. Malloy has given us absolutely no reform on state salaries, benefits or long term pension obligations. Malloy and his legislature have given us more of the same rhetoric we have heard for the past twenty years, more taxes and more state spending will solve all of our state's problems.
When in economic reality all we have is more of the same. We are one of the top three taxed states in the country. We have unfunded liabilities of $100 billion dollars and counting. We have negative job growth. How does higher taxes and higher state spending do anything to create economic growth in the private sector? Why these stale politicians are continued to be voted into office is beyond me.
More Democratic rhetoric, how poorly can they continue to govern our state?

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