Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Have Another Session For Jobs?

I am curious. Why is the Governor wanting to waste even more of Connecticut's remaining taxpayers monies by holding a special session in the fall for jobs? Doesn't he and his Super Democrat Majority-one party rule in Hartford realize they have done a great job over the past twenty years in ruining and eliminating new job creation in the state? There has been negative new job formation in the past twenty years in our state. The economic reasons of excessive high taxes on both personal and corporate income, excessive unemployment compensation taxes, excessive workers compensation costs, a poor transportation infrastructure and anti-business Attorney General (who beyond rational comprehension is our Senator now) have helped to contribute to businesses and industries moving out of Connecticut. This past legislative session will only force even more business and industries to move with even more regulations and yet even higher taxes.
Twenty years and waiting for new jobs. And if voters keep electing Super Democrat Majority-one party rule in Hartford, there will never be any new jobs in the state Ad Infinitum.

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