Sunday, June 05, 2011

State Government Out Of Control-Tax The Mountain Laurel

State government out of control. The Connecticut Democratic Super Majority will now come up with a new tax, taxing anyone who has a Mountain Laurel, the state flower, on their property. The Democrats could start up a new Unionized state department staffed by nepotism and payoffs to drive around in state vehicles and look at all of the private property in the state to see if anyone has the mountain laurel on their property. They would count by hand how many of these flowers you had and then have the State send you a tax bill on them. How high a tax on the state flower? As high as the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority wants it to be. For they are the dictatorship running and ruining our state simultaneously. Don't laugh, their freedom grabs and economic illiteracy are in plain view for all taxpayers to see in this session. Our state government is out of control. It is sickening to view.

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