Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Did Spending Get Cut In The State Budget?

I am really at a loss as to how economics and finance are rationalized and utilized in Hartford. Our Governor insists that spending was cut in the new budget, however spending increased from 3 to 5% depending how you read this secret document. I find it appalling as a taxpayer that this budget is not published throughout the state so that taxpayers could see where monies were actually being spent, how money was wasted and how this budget was business as usual for the Connecticut Democrat Super Majority-one party rule that we have in Hartford.
How was anything changed in the budget, I really can not see nor understand in economic terms. Nothing was cut, pays were increased in some cases and taxes were raised to an unmanageable level for those remain to work and do business in the state.
Thus, how did spending get cut in the state budget? How did anything change? How did any nepotism get eliminated? More importantly, how is Connecticut open for business? All lies emerging and compounding from our one party rule in Hartford.

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