Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Lost Legislative Session

While the media and Democrats are up in arms that the Unions turned against them and while Governor Malloy attempts to sidestep Constitutional law, we have an economic debacle come July 1. For on this day we will have the highest tax increase in our state's history, we will still have an unbalanced budget, we will have the highest per capital tax burden in the country, we will have a lower bond rating thus higher interest rates on state bonds, and finally we will have more of the same, economically inept government that we have had since Lowell Weicker.
We have had as taxpayers a lost legislative session. We do not have leadership from this stale one party rule in Hartford. Taxpayers monies were completely wasted by this past and continuing legislative session. And the end result is a continuing economic recession induced by the Democratic party in Hartford.
What a waste of time and money.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Unions Say No-I Am Confused As A Taxpayer

I wonder why? I wonder the unions said no? I am confused as a taxpayer. I know that apparently I and many other individuals who work and own businesses in the state of Connecticut are responsible for the state's fiscal woes not anyone who works or runs state government. Therefore, I know that apparently I and many other individuals who work and own businesses in the state of Connecticut should now have to pay more in taxes of all shapes, sizes and types. There really is no need for any sacrifice from anyone who works or runs state government. I know that apparently I and many other individuals who work and own businesses in the state of Connecticut will have to cut back on our personal and business spending to try to cope with this massive burden our elected officials in Hartford are dumping on us-all in the name of shared sacrifice-for us not them.
I wonder why voters in Connecticut choose to keep voting into office these economically challenged and economically illiterate politicians?
I guess it is all in the name of shared sacrifice-for us-not them. Twenty years of no new job growth, no make that twenty four now. A record that the Democrats should and are proud of. I am still confused.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yet Another Listening Tour In Which Nothing Is Heard

I have to hand it to the Governor. He wants to spend more of taxpayers monies by taking a listening tour with his new director of economic development to talk to businesses in our state. He should understand he is an anti-business, anti-economic growth, liberal Governor.
I personally would ask him to save his time as I have nothing to say but the following:
How are you helping businesses by passing the largest tax increase in the state's history?
How are you helping businesses by increasing state spending once again?
How are you helping businesses by not doing anything to address the state's unfunded liabilities?
How are you helping businesses by passing a mandated sick leave law-the only state in the country to do so?
How are you helping businesses by still having one of the highest workers compensation costs in the country?
How are you helping businesses by having a poor transportation system with constant construction on the roads?
How are you helping businesses by having negative job growth for 20 years now?
How are you helping businesses by having your best and brightest youth continue to flee the state?
How are you helping businesses by having an archaic property tax system?
No, it will be another photo op for the Governor, who just does not seem to get enough of himself and his ego in the media.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Have Another Session For Jobs?

I am curious. Why is the Governor wanting to waste even more of Connecticut's remaining taxpayers monies by holding a special session in the fall for jobs? Doesn't he and his Super Democrat Majority-one party rule in Hartford realize they have done a great job over the past twenty years in ruining and eliminating new job creation in the state? There has been negative new job formation in the past twenty years in our state. The economic reasons of excessive high taxes on both personal and corporate income, excessive unemployment compensation taxes, excessive workers compensation costs, a poor transportation infrastructure and anti-business Attorney General (who beyond rational comprehension is our Senator now) have helped to contribute to businesses and industries moving out of Connecticut. This past legislative session will only force even more business and industries to move with even more regulations and yet even higher taxes.
Twenty years and waiting for new jobs. And if voters keep electing Super Democrat Majority-one party rule in Hartford, there will never be any new jobs in the state Ad Infinitum.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Did Spending Get Cut In The State Budget?

I am really at a loss as to how economics and finance are rationalized and utilized in Hartford. Our Governor insists that spending was cut in the new budget, however spending increased from 3 to 5% depending how you read this secret document. I find it appalling as a taxpayer that this budget is not published throughout the state so that taxpayers could see where monies were actually being spent, how money was wasted and how this budget was business as usual for the Connecticut Democrat Super Majority-one party rule that we have in Hartford.
How was anything changed in the budget, I really can not see nor understand in economic terms. Nothing was cut, pays were increased in some cases and taxes were raised to an unmanageable level for those remain to work and do business in the state.
Thus, how did spending get cut in the state budget? How did anything change? How did any nepotism get eliminated? More importantly, how is Connecticut open for business? All lies emerging and compounding from our one party rule in Hartford.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Lost Four Years-No Make That Twenty Four Now

Well it looks like another lost four years here in Connecticut. After the rash of economically illiterate and leftist legislation which was passed by the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority this session, Connecticut is on its way for another wasted four years. This will go along with with the past 20 years which have been wasted with no new job formations since 1991.
Thus I am supposed to buy into the lies that the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority offer taxpayers, that higher taxes, socialistic governmental intervention of businesses and excessive liberal laws will make Connecticut open for business. All these failed bills, taxes and laws will do is make our border states much more attractive for any state business to move to. Really nothing has been done to improve our business climate, address runaway state spending, unfunded liabilities or excessive taxation. No, we as taxpayers have been given more of the same, higher state spending, more intrusive laws and higher taxes. It has been like this for 20 years now.
Better make that 24 years now.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This Is Good Government?

Is this really good government?
The Federal Government's unfunded liability is at $61.6 trillion dollars and climbing.
Connecticut's government unfunded liability depending upon what you believe is between $50 and $80 billion dollars and climbing.
The National Debt of the United States is $14.4 trillion dollars and climbing.
We now have one of the highest tax burdens in the world with no economic growth in the foreseeable future.
Connecticut continues to have negative job growth with an unrecorded unemployment rate of 18+% (those who are still out of work and no longer receive benefits).
Connecticut on July 1 will have the largest tax increase in the state's history and still does not have a balanced budget.
The United States Congress seems to have an unquenchable appetite for sexual adventures, all while we as taxpayers pay for it. Democrats in this area of sex must remain in power while Republicans are forced to resign their positions.
Why are we as taxpayers continuing to support this type of government?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

State Government Out Of Control-Tax The Mountain Laurel

State government out of control. The Connecticut Democratic Super Majority will now come up with a new tax, taxing anyone who has a Mountain Laurel, the state flower, on their property. The Democrats could start up a new Unionized state department staffed by nepotism and payoffs to drive around in state vehicles and look at all of the private property in the state to see if anyone has the mountain laurel on their property. They would count by hand how many of these flowers you had and then have the State send you a tax bill on them. How high a tax on the state flower? As high as the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority wants it to be. For they are the dictatorship running and ruining our state simultaneously. Don't laugh, their freedom grabs and economic illiteracy are in plain view for all taxpayers to see in this session. Our state government is out of control. It is sickening to view.