Monday, May 02, 2011

Here Are Your Three Cents Taxpayers! Taxes Increase $1.4 Billion

Here are your three cents taxpayers! Taxes increase $1.4 billion dollars! A gift from the Malloy Administration and the Connecticut Hartford Democratic Super Majority. Your gas tax will not go up an additional three cents! Taxpayers should be sending thank you notes to Malloy and Donovan on this one. They do not mention how gas tax revenue is increasing due to the secret 5.8% Secret Gross Earnings Tax on gas, as gas prices increase, this tax increases also. And is also passed onto consumers at the pump. But the state naturally does not want you to know about that. They want you to understand that by taking $1.4 billion dollars from taxpayers it somehow creates economic expansion in our state. By not getting any union givebacks nor by Malloy and his administration not taking any cuts in their pay or benefits we are all part of this shared sacrifice somehow. The shared sacrifice for taxpayers and those who work and do business in our state, not the ruling elite in Hartford.
Malloy's budget and tax plan is a big economic lie. It will continue excessive state spending, excessive taxation and will continue to force citizens to move out of Connecticut. Some of those moving will have those three extra cents-does it make any sense any more to live in Connecticut?

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