Monday, May 23, 2011

Does Anyone Understand Economics and Budgets In Hartford?

I am curious if anyone in Hartford understands economics and the process of a budget. First we have massive tax increases, then we have theoretical savings with supposed union concessions, then we have a $1 billion dollar surplus, then we have who knows what?
What a mess economically we are now in now in with the first and hopefully last Malloy budget. It is full of theories, estimated savings, massive tax increases, and economic rhetoric which makes our entire state budget process a sham. How can we now have a $1 billion dollar surplus when we have a $4 billion dollar deficit? How is this possible economically? How is economic forecasting actually done by state government? Through whatever the Democrats say it is with no economic proof of the actual dollar figures? And the media just reports these continual economic fallacies as the truth?
In my economic opinion taxpayers are not stupid. The true stupidity comes from this false economic process which is politically expedient. The true economic loss is the loss of economic growth of Connecticut as proven by the last Malloy budget.

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