Monday, May 09, 2011

Connecticut's New Recession

The new recession is coming to Connecticut. An economic recession of stagflation, high unemployment and high inflation. A recession where taxes will be going up by at least $3 billion plus dollars and job formation remains non existent. A recession where excessive state government spending continues to increase on a monthly basis, state employee salaries and benefits continue to go unchecked. A recession where intensive lobbying continues to choke off economic growth and places economic power solely in the hands of a decaying, self fulfilling, poorly governed state legislative body. A recession where we will see nothing else but higher taxes and higher state spending on nepotism further eroding economic logic.
A recession which will slam Connecticut like no other one in state economic history. A recession brought about by poor government and poor leadership. Connecticut's new recession is here already and we will see its impact quickly. All due to the economic illiteracy of Malloy and the Super Democratic Majority who rule with an iron fist for their own good and power, not for those who work for a living in our state.

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