Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Connecticut Will Not Prosper Mr. Donovan

In one of the more bizarre political pieces that I have read, Chris Donovan has spun the coming economic debacle and recession caused by his Governor and party into a view that "Connecticut Will Prosper" (Record Journal 5/24/11).
Mr. Donovan and his Democratic Super Majority have all but nailed the final economic nail into the coffin called Connecticut with a laughable budget that increases state spending by 3%, creates the highest tax increase in the state's history, adds a ridiculous additional burden to the remaining businesses in the state and self promotes himself for his anointing as US Congressmen from the 5th District.
Your party created the budget deficit, your party did not listen to one thing that taxpayers had to say in false Malloy town meetings, your party continues to enable those who do not wish to work in our state, your party did not balance the budget as in economic reality it is not balanced in any way, shape or form, and your party will help to create massive economic damage for taxpayers.
Your budget is a lie-no Connecticut will further decline due to the massive tax increase, massive increases in state spending, massive continued nepotism of state hiring and still no economic reform in state pension funding and benefits.
The Democrats own this economic recession. There will be no prosperity except for those ruling elite like Chris Donovan and his Democratic Super Majority. The elite rule ruthlessly by punishing economic prosperity for those who work for it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Does Anyone Understand Economics and Budgets In Hartford?

I am curious if anyone in Hartford understands economics and the process of a budget. First we have massive tax increases, then we have theoretical savings with supposed union concessions, then we have a $1 billion dollar surplus, then we have who knows what?
What a mess economically we are now in now in with the first and hopefully last Malloy budget. It is full of theories, estimated savings, massive tax increases, and economic rhetoric which makes our entire state budget process a sham. How can we now have a $1 billion dollar surplus when we have a $4 billion dollar deficit? How is this possible economically? How is economic forecasting actually done by state government? Through whatever the Democrats say it is with no economic proof of the actual dollar figures? And the media just reports these continual economic fallacies as the truth?
In my economic opinion taxpayers are not stupid. The true stupidity comes from this false economic process which is politically expedient. The true economic loss is the loss of economic growth of Connecticut as proven by the last Malloy budget.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Malloy Recession

The Malloy Recession. It is coming July 1. It is due to economic illiteracy of the highest level and a one party dictatorship. It is due to a smoke screen of economic magic. Supposed savings here, supposed savings there, supposed savings everywhere. Where are the actual savings? Does the state actually show spending cuts in a $20 billion dollar budget that increases spending by 3 to 5% in its first year? Does the state actually make it more business friendly by increasing corporate taxes to some of the highest levels in the country? That is what is considered as a business incentive-high taxes? Does shared sacrifice mean that only taxpayers pay more rather than any meaningful cuts in wages, benefits or pensions for state union workers? How does $21 billion dollars in supposed savings take place over 20 years in an union agreement which still does not address the economic reality of excessive wages, benefits and pensions? And while a state worker uses the emergency room a mere 150 times for what? And where were the cuts in wages, benefits and pensions for state management workers? Where is there shared sacrifice?
The Malloy Recession. It is coming July 1-brace yourselves, economically you will have never seen anything like it before in your lifetimes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it Shared Sacrifice? ...What Shared Sacrifice?

What is shared sacrifice? Is shared sacrifice when those who work for a living in Connecticut see their taxes increase by $3 billion dollars over two years? Is shared sacrifice when those who own a business in Connecticut see their fundamental rights to run their business be limited by two new Democratic sponsored bills to limit free speech in their companies and force mandatory sick leave? Is shared sacrifice when this supposed new State Employee Union agreement does not in economic reality save anything for taxpayers over the life of a new fixed five year contract? Is shared sacrifice when those who work for a living in Connecticut work under a constant threat of layoffs and wage/benefit cuts and state employees are exempted from lay offs? Is shared sacrifice when those who work in management positions for the state and state officials in the legislature have absolutely no cuts in salary, benefits or pensions as we have seen in the private sector? Is shared sacrifice when Dick Blumenthal who did massive damage to the business climate of the state as Attorney General must be supported by taxpayers with a $51,360 a year pension for life along with state medical benefits?
There is no shared sacrifice in my economic opinion with a totalitarian one party rule to our state that also acts as a ruthless economic scam to taxpayers. Taxpayers have been raped one too many times by this one party rule.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Higher Taxes Will Not Solve Connecticut's Economic Woes

Higher taxes will do little to help Connecticut and its fiscal debacle. Higher taxes negate economic growth by continuing to erode purchasing power and wealth formation through the excessive transfer of money from the private sector to the public sector. And we can now the excessive waste of state government spending. We are lied to by our Administration with the economic fallacy that spending was cut when it actuality it increased by another 4% and taxes will increase by 20%. The increase in taxes will create the right conditions for a new massive economic downturn for the state.
All this because Malloy and the Super Democratic Majority in Hartford can not address the nepotism, the excesses, the wasteful spending, the bloated bureaucracy of excessive management, workers, pay and benefits that rules our state. There has been absolutely no reform in state government, it only has been more of the same economic debacle. And the same lies force fed to the taxpayers of our state.
Higher taxes will not do anything but help to create a massive economic recession, all for the sake of Democratic political power.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Connecticut's New Recession

The new recession is coming to Connecticut. An economic recession of stagflation, high unemployment and high inflation. A recession where taxes will be going up by at least $3 billion plus dollars and job formation remains non existent. A recession where excessive state government spending continues to increase on a monthly basis, state employee salaries and benefits continue to go unchecked. A recession where intensive lobbying continues to choke off economic growth and places economic power solely in the hands of a decaying, self fulfilling, poorly governed state legislative body. A recession where we will see nothing else but higher taxes and higher state spending on nepotism further eroding economic logic.
A recession which will slam Connecticut like no other one in state economic history. A recession brought about by poor government and poor leadership. Connecticut's new recession is here already and we will see its impact quickly. All due to the economic illiteracy of Malloy and the Super Democratic Majority who rule with an iron fist for their own good and power, not for those who work for a living in our state.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Economically Irresponsible, Economically Illiterate Democratic Budget

It is done. An economically irresponsible, an economically illiterate, anti taxpayer, and anti business Connecticut Democratic Super Majority Budget is now done. Democrat leaders are euphoric over their rape and pillage of the Connecticut taxpayer. Democrat leaders are euphoric over their rape and pillage of Connecticut Businesses. Democrat leaders are euphoric over their rape and pillage of our state.
There is nothing in this budget that is economically sound nor economically stimulating. It is a budget that maintains the status quo of excessive, non productive, wasteful state governmental spending and excessively high taxes. There was no shared sacrifice by any member of the Malloy Administration nor of the State Legislature. The highest tax increase in this state's history will help to create one of the worse economic recessions this state will ever see in our history. This will be proven very quickly as business and industry will start to flee from the excessive tax burdens placed upon them.
We have wasted 21 years and counting since the state income tax was supposed to save our state. 21 years later state spending has increased 250%, there is zero new job growth and we now are the second highest taxed state in the country. Democrat leaders are euphoric over their rape and pillage of the Connecticut taxpayers since 1990. That is really something to be proud of.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Democrats To Connecticut Taxpayers: We Own You Now

I know of no economic textbook which reads that by increasing spending 3% and raising taxes by $3 billion dollars over two years you create economic stimulation. Thus Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority own the Connecticut Taxpayer completely in 2011. Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority now have completely dismantled any hope of economic growth for years to come with their economically irresponsible budget. How does raising spending yet another 3% along with the highest tax increase in the state's history help to create economic stimulation? How does doubling of business taxes in some cases give any incentive for business to remain in the state? What happened to the omnipotent state income tax passed by Weicker and the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority at that time-I thought that was supposed to be the path to economic prosperity? We still have zero new job formation in Connecticut since the passage of the state income tax.
Connecticut taxpayers are the economic slaves of Malloy and the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority-we can see it clearly with this new budget. Remember in 2011 taxpayers are now the slaves of state government. Watch how many more citizens and businesses move out over the next few years.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Here Are Your Three Cents Taxpayers! Taxes Increase $1.4 Billion

Here are your three cents taxpayers! Taxes increase $1.4 billion dollars! A gift from the Malloy Administration and the Connecticut Hartford Democratic Super Majority. Your gas tax will not go up an additional three cents! Taxpayers should be sending thank you notes to Malloy and Donovan on this one. They do not mention how gas tax revenue is increasing due to the secret 5.8% Secret Gross Earnings Tax on gas, as gas prices increase, this tax increases also. And is also passed onto consumers at the pump. But the state naturally does not want you to know about that. They want you to understand that by taking $1.4 billion dollars from taxpayers it somehow creates economic expansion in our state. By not getting any union givebacks nor by Malloy and his administration not taking any cuts in their pay or benefits we are all part of this shared sacrifice somehow. The shared sacrifice for taxpayers and those who work and do business in our state, not the ruling elite in Hartford.
Malloy's budget and tax plan is a big economic lie. It will continue excessive state spending, excessive taxation and will continue to force citizens to move out of Connecticut. Some of those moving will have those three extra cents-does it make any sense any more to live in Connecticut?