Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where Is The Presidential Leadership?

Or how many more crisis will Mr.Obama avoid? And why does he have to travel so much at taxpayers expense knowing we have a $14 trillion dollar national debt? Does he receive that many votes from foreigners voting in our upcoming Presidential election in 2012? By not saying anything about the Middle East, excessive inflation, the national debt, his irrational national health care plan or the new energy crisis does he really think he will receive more votes that way? Will he really raise that much more money by avoiding all situations where he must make a decision? Can he make a decision? Is the mood of hope and change long gone? Was it made up by a loving media? Was there any leadership at all with massive spending programs being rammed down taxpayers pocketbooks with no dialogue or discussion? Are we really better off in 2011 or have we set back our economy years with misguided, economically illogical spending programs?
Will we be able to recover as an economy in 2013 with a new President and Congress who actually lead and make coherent economic decisions? I trust that we will be better off with a massive change in Washington, but for now the silence is deafening. And America needs to be a leader again in world and economic affairs once again. Those who are willing to give their lives for freedom can't wait any longer.

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