Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Do We Define Connecticutax Shared Sacrifice?

I am fascinated by the concept of shared sacrifice for the working class of Connecticutax. It is an amazing concept to read about and listen to our elected officials talk about. It is amazing to hear the Connecticutax Democratic Super Majority in Hartford explain to those people who work in our state what shared sacrifice is. To me it is a simplistic economic concept, it means to continue to increase taxes for those who work and do business in our state and then redistribute it to those who are state elected officials and workers in the form of above average wage, benefits and pensions.
Shared sacrifice is not part of our elected officials or workers vocabulary. It means instead to continue the economic status quo of excessive spending and taxation coupled with excessive state employee benefits especially for those in power. It means that those who continue to work in our state will support to an even larger degree the economic insolvency that the Connecticutax Democratic Super Majority in Hartford has helped to nurture, develop and refine over the past 25 years.
I am truly fascinated by this concept and how this elite ruling class has exempted themselves from it-sort of like getting more money in your pension through mileage reimbursements. And I forgot our auditors overlooked that! Thats ok, what's another $10,000 wasted of taxpayer's monies?

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