Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Confusion Of Higher Taxes In Connecticut

Politicians seemed to be confused by higher taxes. As being non productive members of our economy and society, politicians especially here in Connecticut, believe that higher taxes solve all problems. Their confusion stems from the fact that they are part of the larger problem in our state economy, they produce and contribute virtually nothing to our well being and economic growth to our economy. They instead entrap and trick our productive members of our economy to be enslaved in a quasi sociological-political-economic-legal system which does little to empower those who have less and takes away from those who are productive. Those who are productive work hard for a living, developing productivity to make the economy run and pay an excessive amount of taxes to support an out-of-balance state government which elevates those who work for it with massive salaries and benefits. These same salaries and benefits are earned by a minority of the population of our state. Approximately 100,000 full and part time workers in a state of 3,500,00 people. You can do the math, .028% of the population. Thus .028% are allowed to dictate what the other 97.2% can and can not have. Is there excess and waste in this area? Those who have less or are poor in political terms enjoy many free things granted by these same ruling politicians and are paid for by those who are productive in our state economy. They have little if any incentive to end these freebies granted to them by our non productive politicians because votes can be bought in this manner legally.
Thus we have a continuing dilemma, how to keep this small ruling political and union elite in power in Hartford and paid for by those who are productive. How we can tax them even more to keep unions comfortable and the Super Democratic Majority unaccountable for their poor and disgusting actions. It is almost the same scenario that we had when we broke away from England in 1776, taxation without representation. In my economic opinion there is a great deal of confusion to higher taxes in Connecticut.

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