Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spend-Let Us Spend Some More

On a Federal level, let us spend, let us spend some more. Mr. Obama's new budget amazes me. Let us bring up the national debt another $8 trillion dollars or so and call it fiscally responsible. This would bring up the national debt to 77% as a share of our economy from the current 62%. Entitlement program cuts are non existent. A wide array of mythical revenue increases pepper this budget. And what did we get from the new centrist Obama? More of the same, massive spending in governmental programs, continued high taxes and a crushing debt which will continue to wreak havoc with our long term economic growth and survival.
What about cutting spending is so difficult for the Democratic party to understand? Why must money continue to fund ineffective and corrupt entitlement programs? When will the national debt question be addressed and a program developed to eliminate it?
But alas, taxpayers realize the debacle called government. Their economic illiteracy is astounding. Cut spending now. It is our only chance for economic survival in 2011.

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