Monday, February 28, 2011

So What Else Can We Tax?

I am curious as to what else we can tax in Connecticut? Our economy apparently will be stimulated by increasing state spending by 2.4% and by increasing taxes by $1.5 billion dollars. And our Governor feels we are going to be more competitive with these increased taxes than New Jersey which is actually attempting to reign in spending, taxes and public sector unions. Thus the Democratic Super Majority in Hartford wants us to believe that both higher taxes and higher spending will cure Connecticut's economic ills (not that it has for the past 20 years). It is this disconnect of economic reality which continues to be endorsed by the Democratic Super Majority and by the state media.
Let me be blunt, this tax and spend program by our new Governor fails any economic test and fails to do anything for our economy other than worsen it. It is a typical liberal misguided and ill conceived tax program which will further erode our state economy and continue to create more economic discontent. All for the sake of a continuing failed liberal social program that does nothing for our state.
So Mr. Malloy keep taxing and spending, the end result will be yet another economic debacle solely of your making and of your blame.

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