Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mr. Malloy's New Toys

Raise spending by 2.4% and raise taxes by $1.5 billion dollars and call it being more economically competitive? Overuse the term "shared sacrifice"-why what did middle income taxpayers do wrong? Pander to lobbyists, special interest groups and unions, then slam middle income taxpayers and businesses once again.
Mr. Malloy has new toys in Hartford. His toys include economic illiteracy, economic fantasies and an economic debacle in the making. How can he raise taxes by $1.5 billion dollars in the middle of a severe economic recession and state that this will help the economy? How can he raise spending by yet another 2.4% and state he is fiscally responsible?
Mr. Malloy and his Democratic Super Majority in Hartford haven proven once again their economic ignorance, their dislike for middle and higher income taxpayers and for businesses in Connecticut. There total disregard for our current economic situation is really sickening. Connecticut truly will be entering a new economic dark age with this administration and budget. It is a pathetic sight to bestow upon us. We are going to vote with our feet and flee this economic wasteland of a state.

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