Friday, February 25, 2011

Can We Have Leadership? Can We Have...?

Can we have leadership? Can we have a Christie type in Hartford that can actually govern this state out of its fiscal debacle? Can we have compromise? Can we have lower taxes? Can we have private sector job growth and creation? Can we have realistic cuts in state spending? Can we have elimination of agencies which do nothing for the betterment of the state? Can we no longer have corruption and nepotism in state government? Can we see some signs of a stronger, actual two party system exist when election time nears? Can we have a balance of ideas in the state legislature? Can we have a full audit of productivity of all state governmental programs? Can we have a full accounting audit of all state governmental programs? Can we eliminate in state tuition for illegal immigrants? Can we ever have a functional government not run by special interest groups or lobbyists in Hartford?
Why are we not ashamed of what exists as so called government in Hartford? It truly disgusts me especially with the Malloy budget proposal. And when will the economic debacle end?

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