Friday, February 11, 2011

Another $18 Billion Wasted

Hey what is $18 billion dollars to the federal government? When you are already $14 trillion dollars in debt? No big deal. A recent article in USA Today discussed that there we are spending $18 billion dollars on over 47 separate job training agencies and for the most part no one knows where the money is going. And we have 9.5% unemployment with probably another 9.5% who are permanently unemployed also. So what is the big deal? How many government programs are actually reviewed and audited? 1% maybe at the most? And when you are buying votes to stay into power forever what is the difference?
Here is just another example of government waste of taxpayers monies. Government at all levels can ill afford to waste even $1 dollar never mind $18 billion dollars. And then see absolutely no results to help create jobs and or lower the rate of unemployment.
My question to Congress is when will the waste end? We have run out of time for action.
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