Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's Economics

Will Connecticut actually cut spending? At first look, the Malloy Administration has taken care of some of the Super Democratic Majority cronies in plush Administrative positions. For example, Rep. Mike Lawlor, one of the most liberal tax and spend Representative the state had ever seen, will now earn $135,000 as Office of Policy and Management undersecretary of criminal justice policy and planning. Taxpayers should ask why? Why does he deserve that job and what is actual criminal justice policy and planning? Mr. Lawlor is vehemently against the death penalty, thus criminals should be able to be free to do what they want for the next four years here in Connecticut, until justice actually is served. What does the $135,000 actually give to taxpayers? How few employees will he actually manage? And the list of questions is economically endless.
For those who thought things would be economically different as far as political patronage jobs in this Administration you were wrong. Elite political types in these offices have help to create and continue the economic wasteland called Connecticut. We will now accelerate that economic decline more quickly through the now stale Malloy Administration, who actually could have broken this cycle with reforms.
On Sunday a wrap up...

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